Signature I

Signature I

Sunlighten’s Signature II home sauna offers clinically proven backed infrared sauna benefits like lowered blood pressure, weight loss, detoxification and more – all from the comfort of your home. Nine heaters provide the most effective highest quality and quantity of far infrared heat available, and our proprietary design produces virtually no EMF. The Signature II far infrared sauna seats up to two people, and a removable bench allows for full use of floor space for yoga or stretching. Optional premium add-ons include acoustic resonance therapy, chromotherapy lighting, natural sauna cleaners and more.




Signature I Specifications

Exterior: 37.8” x 39.8” x 77.5″
Interior: 32.1” x 33.6” x 70.1”
Bench: 32.1″ x 19″ x 20″

Sauna Weights: 

  • Basswood – 396 lbs
  • Cedar – 396 lbs
  • Eucalyptus – 396 lbs

6 heaters =  Surface Area 2809 sq. in.

Electrical: 120V 1350W 15A
NEMA 5-15R, 5-15P,
dedicated 120V 15A circuit and outlet required.

Compare Far Infrared Saunas

Signature I

37.8″ W
39.8″ D

77.5″ H
28″ Door Width

Signature II

51″ W
46.1″ D

77.5″ H
28″ Door Width

Signature III

62.4″ W
46.1″ D

77.5″ H
28″ Door Width

Signature IV

80.9″ W
56.1″ D

77.5″ H
28″ Door Width

Community Solocarbon ®

85.6″ W
70.6″ D

78.5″ H
36″ Door Width

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