The Community Sauna

Community Sauna

Bring the Community Together with an 
ADA-compliant Far Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten’s patented heating technology is now available in industrial-grade with ADA-compliant regulations. Solocarbon® heaters provide the highest quantity and quality of far infrared heat available, are ultra low EMF for ultimate safety and are clinically tested to lower blood pressureincrease core temperature and aid in weight loss.


sauna ramp

Wheelchair Ramp

1:12 ramp with safety rails and brushed finish to prevent slipping.

water resistant bench

Non-Toxic Sealant

Non-toxic, waterproof sealant protects from water and sweat.

36″ ADA-Compliant Door

100% ADA-compliant with 36” door and 60”x60” turning space.

Community Solocarbon® Far Infrared Sauna

Industrial-grade sauna with ADA-compliant regulations:

Community Solocarbon® Specifications

217.5 cm x 179 cm x 194.5 cm
Ramp: 91.5 cm x 109 cm (1:12 slope)

202 cm x 119cm x 181.5 cm

202 cm x 48 cm

Sauna Weights: 544 kg

15 heaters
front, back and side wall panels



3080 watts

Dedicated 15A circuit and 15A power socket protected by a 16A RCBO B Curve installed in the meter box

2.5m cord exists from back left of roof


3 Bench Variations To Suit Your Needs

The Community far infrared sauna offers three bench variations to allow for extra space – full bench, half bench to allow for wheelchair and sauna bench, and no bench for extra turning space. Or turn into your personal hot yoga room!

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